This is the beginning of a Blog about my Dad.

My Dad is a very gentle and wise man who has taught me more than he will ever know and this Blog is a way of sharing his lessons further afield.

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For the past 6 years Dad has been living with a diagnosis of dementia although has been living with dementia for far longer.  This Blog is a place for me to record my thoughts, feelings and experiences of our shared lives.  The postings will not be a chronological sequence of events – or even logical!  I hope over time they will evolve in to some sort of coherent account – we’ll see.

The overall aim of this Blog is to honour my Dad and the contribution he has made to me as a person and to my understandings of dementia.  Although personal it will be censored to some degree so as to maintain my Dad’s dignity and maintain some privacy in our shared lives.  The decision to write about my Dad was not taken lightly and was discussed with my Mum, family and friends.  I hope and think that Dad would approve.  He lessons are too precious to not be shared. 

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